Star Trek: Prodigy S1, E15 – “Masquerade”

The title of the episode, “Masquerade,” is a subtle hint to the big reveals we get. While trapped inside the Romulan Neutral Zone, the Protostar crew encounters a rogue geneticist who sheds light on Dal’s past.

This was a chapter that offered us significant movement in one of the show’s original questions by simply answering it. But it also exposed other surprises we didn’t anticipate.
We’re now 75% through the first season. With 5 episodes left, we have unexpected wrinkles that have added to the intrigue and curiosity of the viewing experience. Continue reading Star Trek: Prodigy S1, E15 – “Masquerade”

Star Trek: Prodigy S1, E14 – “Crossroads”

“Crossroads” is an appropriately named episode because that’s exactly where the crews of both the Protostar and the Dauntless find themselves, at a crossroads. Their respective quests have them converging on an outpost at the edges of Federation space. When Gwyn, Dal, and Jankom Pog, each encounter a member of Adm. Janeway’s crew the experience doesn’t improve matters at all. Continue reading Star Trek: Prodigy S1, E14 – “Crossroads”

Star Trek: Lower Decks S3, E10 – “The Stars At Night”

Much of the narrative we’ve been following throughout Season Three of Lower Decks comes to an entertaining, but abrupt, conclusion in it’s finale episode, “The Stars At Night.” However, some of the emotional stakes that were raised so high only last week are quickly resolved. The status quo is simply reset to where things were at the end of “Grounded.” But on a positive note, “The Stars at Night” does give us another clue to what probably will be the major threat coming in Season Four. Continue reading Star Trek: Lower Decks S3, E10 – “The Stars At Night”