‘If Memory Serves’ – S2 Episode 8

Addell and Gary discuss Episode 8 of this fascinating second season, ‘If Memory Serves.’ After escaping with her brother from Leland and Section 31, Michael Burnham pilots her shuttle to the coordinates that Spock has been repeating backwards. The destination for those coordinates? Talos IV, a planet Spock – and Pike – are very familar with. Michael takes this dangerous step in an attempt to discover the truth behind Spock’s mental state and mystery of the Red Angel. But is a planet where reality is an illusion the best place to seek the truth? Continue reading ‘If Memory Serves’ – S2 Episode 8

S2 Episode 4 – ‘An Obol for Charon’

“An Obol for Charon” has a lot going on. An alien sphere that stops Discovery in it’s track, witty and ascerbic banter between Engineer Jett Reno and Lt. Commander Paul Stamets, the possible impending death of a beloved character, and a danger message from the mycelial network. All that, plus a very brief first-time appearance of Number One (Rebecca Romijn). Continue reading S2 Episode 4 – ‘An Obol for Charon’