‘If Memory Serves’ – S2 Episode 8

Addell and Gary discuss Episode 8 of this fascinating second season, ‘If Memory Serves.’ After escaping with her brother from Leland and Section 31, Michael Burnham pilots her shuttle to the coordinates that Spock has been repeating backwards. The destination for those coordinates? Talos IV, a planet Spock – and Pike – are very familar with. Michael takes this dangerous step in an attempt to discover the truth behind Spock’s mental state and mystery of the Red Angel. But is a planet where reality is an illusion the best place to seek the truth? Continue reading ‘If Memory Serves’ – S2 Episode 8

Age of Discovery Season Two Preview

Today’s podcast will cover three topics: 1)We will provide some context to events at the beginning of Season Two and list our top ten moments from Season One, 2)we will discuss two interviews with showrunner Alex Kurtzman that provide insight into Season Two and the future of the Star Trek franchise, and finally, 3)Addell and Gary will cite five things that excite us about Season Two. Continue reading Age of Discovery Season Two Preview

Exclusive ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season Two Posters

IGN Entertainment, the online magazine, received an exclusive set of Star Trek: Discovery posters that seemed to suggest thematic pairings for certain characters during Season Two. The posters feature profiles photos of couples facing in opposite directions, separated by the … Continue reading Exclusive ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season Two Posters