Star Trek: Discovery S4, E3 – “Choose to Live”

This week on Star Trek: Discovery we see Gray gets a new body and a new lease on life, Michael is sent on an important mission compromised by assumptions and hidden agendas, while Stamets’s struggle to uncover answers unexpectedly leads to Booker finding some closure. “Choose to Live” gives us three plotlines in one episode. But does it add up to three times the viewing pleasure? Addell and I will answer that question and more as we break all of this down and share our respective observations on the episode. We’ll end this week’s installment with some Star Trek news. Continue reading Star Trek: Discovery S4, E3 – “Choose to Live”

Star Trek: Discovery S4, E2 – “Anomaly”

Following the destruction of Kweijian, everyone – Federation and non-Federation planets alike – are on edge. They fear their fate could resemble that of Kweijian if steps aren’t taken to find out what this gigantic gravitational distortion truly is. But for Cleveland Booker, the cost for not knowing what this anomaly is has been too high. It cost hime the family he just reconnected with. It cost him his nephew. The fate of the known universe hangs in the balance. But for Book, it’s so much more personal. Continue reading Star Trek: Discovery S4, E2 – “Anomaly”