S2 Episode 6 – ‘The Sound of Thunder’

Today’s episode features an analysis of Episode 206, “The Sound of Thunder.” The appearance of a red signal near Kaminar gets the attention of The Discovery. Saru is conflicted about the Discovery’s mission simply to investigate the red signal sighting and any possible knowledge of the elusive Red Angel. The Ba’ul, have subjugated the Kelpiens with their superior technology and killed them before they experience Vaha’rai, an experience Kelpiens are taught they do not survive.  Saru is the only member of his people who has survived Vaha’rai. His discovery is that, although painful, it is a natural part of their evolutionary process to reach a more mature stage of development. This information – and the revelation about life among the stars and the miracle of the Red Angel – puts the entire Kelpien people in danger of extinction.

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