My List of the Best Jean-Luc Picard Moments

Patrick Stewart is a magnificent actor. His keen stare and acute character moments where you can see him living every moment to the fullest are the hallmark of his performances. More than that, Stewart rich speaking voice displays how much he enjoys uttering every word. These are the brushes by which he has painted the life of Jean-Luc Picard. In every scene he has played the character over twelve years we have been blessed with a thoughtful and imaginative portrayal of this signature character. It seems ironic that Gene Roddenberry wasn’t a fan of his. Nevertheless, we are excited about the new set of adventures we will see beginning tomorrow, Thursday January 23.

In anticipation of Star Trek: Picard I have compiled a list of what I think are the best Jean-Luc moments. Some might inform what will see in Picard.

What are your favorite scenes. Share your list with me. Enjoy!

S2, Episode 9: Measure of a Man


S2 Episode 9: Measure of a Man


S4, Episode 2: Family


S4, Episode 12: The Wounded


S4, Episode 21: The Drumhead


S5, Episode 23: I, Borg


S6, Episode 15: Tapestry


Star Trek: Deep Space Nine S1, Episode 1: Emmissary


S6, Episode 11: Chain of Command, Part 2


Star Trek: First Contact

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