S1 Episode 10: ‘Despite Yourself’

After an almost two-month hiatus, Star Trek: Discovery returns with an explosive episode, “Despite Yourself.” Expertly directed by Jonathan Frakes, Gary and Addell discuss the main plot points in depth.

The crew of the Discovery finds themselves in a mirror universe, similar to the one we were first introduced to in the famed “Mirror, Mirror” episode in the second season of TOS. This universe exists on the brutal rule of the Terran Empire – barbaric, xenophobic humans who use terror and brutality to oppress other beings who dare to challenge their power. Opposing the Terrans is a rebel alliance of Klingons, Romulans, and Andorians. We later learn that in this universe Tilly is the Captain of the Discovery, Lorca is a wanted man and considered a traitor to the Empire, and Burnham is the Captain of the Shenzhou. She is presumed dead having gone missing on a mission to capture the traitor, Lorca.

Captain Lorca informs the crew their first priority must be to survive. Which means they must adopt the appearance of belonging to this universe. He also comes up with a plan in which he and Burnham take on the roles of their “mirror” counterparts in order to gain access to information that “supposedly” would allow them the chance to get back to their own universe.

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