S1 Episode 11: ‘The Wolf Inside’

Following up on the revelation that the crew of the Discovery finds themselves in the Mirror Universe, Star Trek: Discovery builds on the tension with the next episode, “The Wolf Inside.” Gary and Addell discuss the main plot points and developments. Also, they explore what those developments could mean for our heroes.

Synopsis – Discovery remains trapped in the Mirror universe with Michael, Lorca, and Tyler still on the I.S.S. Shenzhou. They continue their masquerade in an effort to acquire information on the Federation starship U.S.S. Defiant so as to find a way back to the Prime universe. Michael receives orders from the Emperor to completely annihilate a rebel base camp housing the leader of the Resistance – a Klingon known only as Firewolf. Instead, in an effort to spare the rebels, Michael defies the order – saying she and Tyler will infiltrate the camp to see if she can uncover information on any other rebel bases first. At the camp, she finds an allegiance of various species – Andorians, Tellarites, Vulcans and Klingons and Firewolf is revealed to be the mirror version of Voq. She offers to spares them in exchange for useless information. A mirror version of Sarek who mind melds with Michael to verify the truthfulness of her intentions. However, her plan is almost sabotaged by Tyler when he attacks Mirror Voq as his true identity as Prime Voq comes to the forefront.

Back on the Shenzhou, Michael confronts Tyler and learns of his true Klingon identity and the murder of Dr. Culber. His attempt to kill her is thwarted and sentenced to death. His execution is to be transported into open space. However, unbeknownst to anyone else on the Shenzhou, Michael has hidden the U.S.S. Defiant data in Tyler’s phaser holster. She beams him into space, but the Discovery then beams Tyler aboard where they are able to access the data and throw him in the brig.

Michael believes her plan to save the Resistance has succeeded when another Terran ship arrives and decimates the planet. The Emperor has arrived to carry out the mission and is revealed to be the mirror version of Michael’s mentor and former captain, Phillippa Georgiou.

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