S1 Episode 12: ‘Vaulting Ambition’

Star Trek: Discovery continues to raise the tension in the Mirror UniverseReveals – some expected, some not – and multiple plot twists builds upon one another in this latest episode. Gary and Addell discuss the main plot points and how all of it will play out over the remaining three episodes.

In Episode 12, ‘Vaulting Ambition,’ we find ourselves still in the Mirror Universe with ever increasing danger. Michael Burnham and Captain Lorca are summoned to the Emperor’s Palace ship, the ISS Charon, to confront the Terran Emperor, a ruthless Mirror version of Captain Philippa Georgiou. She sentences Lorca to suffer unending pain for the remainder of his life in the Agonizer for the failed coup attempt he led. To celebrate his capture the Emperor invites Michael to dine with her on fresh Kelpian soup. It’s at this dinner that Mirror Georgiou reveals she had uncovered Mirror Burnham’s betrayal and sentences her to death for treason. To save herself and salvage her mission, Michael confesses her true identity as an agent of the Federation. She proves her claims by showing the Emperor the Prime Georgiou’s delta pin that Michael had retrived from Kol. Mirror Georgiou agrees to spare Michael’s life and the Discovery crew, if she will share the schematics for their spore propulsion drive. Georgiou also provides Michael with information about her Doppelgänger and Lorca that convinces Michael that the man she has been serving with actually is the treasonous conspirator of the Mirror universe. Simultaneously with this revelation, Lorca escapes the agonizer booth and reconfirms his identity as Mirror Lorca.

Stamets, whose consciousness is trapped within the mycellial network, must find a way to reconnect with his physical body in hopes it will save himself. Culber reappears to Stamets to inform him of his fate, but also to let him know that nothing truly dies. He tells him Mirror Stamets is not to be trusted and is responsible for an infection that is destroying the mycelial network and, ultimately, life itself throughout the multiverse.

Back on the Discovery in sickbay, Lt. Ash Tyler is at war within himself as two consciousness – Tyler and Voq – violently battle for control of his body. Saru seeks L’Rell’s help to resolve the matter. He transports Tyler into L’Rell’s cell and tells her she will have to deal with him whether she wants to or not. L’Rell consents and performs a procedure on Tyler that supposedly has terminated Voq’s consciousness.

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