S1 Ep. 13: ‘What’s Past is Prologue’

Star Trek: Discovery concludes the Mirror Universe story arc with an action-packed episode. But as we’ve become accustomed to on Star Trek: Discovery, no plot is resolved without a new wrinkle being revealed. Gary and Addell discuss the main plot points and how the first season might conclude in the last two episodes.

Episode 13 opens as Lorca frees his rebel followers, who have endured almost two years of torture in Agonizer chambers upon The Emperor’s ship. With Mirror Landry by his side, he finds Mirror Stamets hiding in his lab and forces him to flood several decks of the ship with a biochemical agent, killing most of the Emperor’s forces. Meanwhile, Burnham escapes the Emperor after she orders Michael to put in the brig. Michael manages to communicate with The Discovery, informing Saru of Lorca’s true identity. Saru tells Michael of the catastrophic danger posed by the infection Mirror Stamets has inflicted on the mycelial network. The ship’s power source is a highly concentrated mycelial orb which functions as the supercharged energy source. The concentration is poisoning the network and endangering all life throughout the multiverse. Despite the peril, The Discovery must reach the Emperor’s ship and destroy the mycelial orb.

With Lorca now in command of the Emperor’s ship, Burnham and Mirror Georgiou team up and devise a plan to gain access to the throne room where Lorca is relishing his victory. Burnham appears to accept Lorca’s offer to rule the Terran Empire by his side by bringing him a captured Georgiou. After receiving a signal that The Discovery is in position Georgiou and Burnham defeat Lorca. Georgiou impales Lorca with her sword and pushes him through a trap door leaving his body to fall into the mycelial orb. Saru orders the Discovery crew to fire on the orb and lock onto Burnham’s signature. Before she dematerializes, Burnham grabs an unwilling Mirror Georgiou and beams to the Discovery. Stamets navigates the jump back to the Prime Universe but they discover they have overshot the destination and returned nine months in the future from the point when they left. To their dismay, they learn the Klingons have won the war in their absence.

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