Star Trek: Discovery posters by artist J.J. Lendl

These 15 posters didn’t get much love during the season. I don’t even remember seeing them online that much. In any event, here they are.


J.J. Lendl is an artist, writer, filmmaker, and musician originally from Pittsburgh. His unique artwork injects vintage sensibilities into contemporary pop-culture subjects, pulling from numerous artistic styles and creative influences.

J.J. is best known for creating The X-Files Poster Project, an officially-licensed series of over 200 theatrical-style posters, each dedicated to an episode of the cult sci-fi television series. His work has been featured by numerous media outlets and exhibited in museums and arthouses.

Along with his work in the arts, J.J. has served as the Teen Specialist and Creative Technology Mentor for the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh in Beechview, coordinating creative technology programs focused on teaching teenagers introductory skills in photography, graphic design, filmmaking, programming, music mixing, audio recording, and 3D printing through the library’s youth maker program The Labs. He currently works with a variety of communities and age groups at the Cleveland Public Library.

Through his work in the arts and mentoring underserved youth, J.J. aims to use his creativity as a tool for self-expression, advocacy, and the pursuit of life-long learning.

Written by Gary Anderson                                                   2018 © Star Trek: Age of Discovery


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