‘Light and Shadows’ – S2 Episode 7

Michael travels to Vulcan seeking information on the whereabouts of Spock. She is alarmed when she discovers that their mother, Amanda, has been hiding him. Michael sees just how severe her brother’s condition is. Spock is in a highly psychologically regressive state reciting the First Doctrines of Logic. Protective of her son, Amanda ignores her daughter’s pleas to get medical attention for Spock. Sarek finds his family members in the crypt and insists on allowing Michael to take Spock to a Section 31 ship for treatment. Initially, Amanda delivers a passionate argument for holding her son on Vulcan. However, she finally acquiesces when Sarek convinces her that not turning over Spock to the authorities would ultimately damage both Spock’s mental health and Michael’s Starfleet career.

As a parallel plot, the Discovery is charged to remain near Kaminar to investigate residual decay of powerful tachyon particles left by one of the red signals. When a time rift opens up near the coordinates under study, Pike decides it to be safer to launch a probe from a shuttle. Although a dangerous mission, Pike assigns himself to the task and Tyler accompanies him to learn firsthand what the analysis may reveal. After launching the probe, the shuttle begins to experience temporal disturbances and finds itself drawn into a temporal rift prohibiting the Discovery from tracking their location.

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