Star Trek: Discovery S4, E1 – “Kobayashi Maru”

With this additional weekly episode, we’re breaking down “Kobayashi Maru,” the Season Four premiere episode of Star Trek: Discovery.

In the episode we see an emboldened Federation rebuilding itself. The President is taking on a more public profile following the elimination of the threat from Emerald Chain, Starfleet Academy graduates its first class of cadets in more than a century, and Captain Michael Burnham and her Discovery crew are sent on a mission to recruit former Federation members back into the fold. But there is an unforeseen danger cutting a path of destruction through the galaxy like a hot knife through butter. Our heroes will be confronted by a mysterious space anomaly that destroys everything in its path.

As usual, we’ll summarize the plot, share our reactions and discuss our analysis of the episode. Following all of that, we’ll end with recent Star Trek news.

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