What were your Top Ten episodes of Star Trek in 2022?

Hey everyone! I’ve said it before, we got a lot of Star Trek last year. From the second half of DISCOVERY‘s Season Four to PICARD Season Two, STRANGE NEW WORLDS‘ smash inaugural season, Season Three for LOWER DECKS, and the remaining two thirds of PRODIGY‘s first season we saw more Star Trek than anyone has ever seen in a single calendar year. That was A LOT!!

But were there specific episodes that you enjoyed more than others? Could you come up with a list of those you loved the most? Are they all from a single series or from across the franchise? Do they all have a particular theme or subject matter that they each share?

The Age of Discovery hosts are planning an episode of the podcast where they look at their own top ten lists. It would be great to include some of the listeners’ favorite episodes from last year, as well. Would you share your list with us? If you do, send it to:

Email: startrekaod@gmail.com

We ask that you email us your lists by midnight EST on January 26. Include your name and where you live.

We have some international fans and it would be great to share the perspectives of all of our listeners from across the globe. We will include what we get into a podcast episode that will precede the premiere of PICARD on February 16.

Talk soon.

2 thoughts on “What were your Top Ten episodes of Star Trek in 2022?

  1. It is always hard to pick just a few episodes from a series spanning TOS to VOY.

    Btw, I really appreciate your taking the time to address the international fans of the show. For a show that is quite big in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, and China just to name a few countries, almost everything on the internet is from an American perspective.

    I am not blaming the Americans in any way. I just wish others would share their own perspectives as well. There is a guy in China who has built his company headquarters to look like the USS Voyager as an example of how big the show is in the rest of the world.

    1. Rohan,

      Thank you for your support. We really appreciate the international listeners because they help us learn more about the broader appeal of Star Trek. I hope to hear from you in the future. We’re taking a break until the week before Strange New Worlds premieres but don’t hesitate to reach out for a chat if you have any questions. Talk soon.

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