S1 Episode 4: ‘The Butcher’s Knife Cares Not For The Lamb’s Cry’

In Episode 4 we have the show’s status quo firmly in place. We are following the adventures of Mutineer Michael Burnham and the crew of The Discovery during the Klingon/Federation War. With the SECOND longest episode title in Star Trek history, “Butcher” features the introduction of Dr. Hugh Culber, Chief Medical Officer on The Discovery, the death of a Discovery crew member and the return of Voq and L’Rell, Klingon followers of T’Kuvma who were abandoned by the twenty-four Klingon Houses in the series two-part premiere. Having been drifting in the debris field created by the battle that initiated the war, they have survived by scavenging food and equipment from the destroyed Federation ships. At present, the entire ship’s crew is close to starving to death. Just then, they receive an unexpected visitor.

Michael, on the other hand, attempts to assimilate into the crew but circumstances continue to throw roadblocks in here way. Saru, her former crewmember from The Shenzhou, is uncomfortable with her presence and has no problem informing her of that fact. Captain Lorca tasks her with “weaponizing” the creature they encountered on The Glenn in an attempt to acquire an upper hand in fighting the Klingons. To keep her focused, she is saddled with assistance from Security Officer Landry who is willing to kill the beast in order to give Lorca what he wants. But most troubling to Michael is an unexpected package she receives reminding her of her greatest failure.

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