S1 Episode 8: ‘Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum’

Gary and Addell break down the major plot points of Episode 8, ‘Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum.’

First Officer Saru, Michael Burnham, and Lt. Ash Tyler travel to the planet of Pahvo in an effort to adapt a huge crystalline tower into a device that could potentially disrupt the Klingons cloaking technology. They discover their mission might be as easy as it appears. They find the planet inhabited by the Pahvans, a group of sentient noncorporeal beings who appear to live in harmony with the entire planet. Saru initiates first contact with them in an attempt to communicate their mission objectives. However, he becomes entranced by the euphoric, peaceful ways. Saru attempts to convince Burnham and Tyler to forgo their mission and remain on the planet, but Michael is able to incapacitate Saru. The Pahvans initially appear to accommodate Michael’s request to aid the Federation. However, back on the Discovery, Lorca later learns the Pahvans naively have sent messages to the Klingons and Federation to meet there to broker a peace.

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