S1 Episode 9: ‘Into the Forest I Go’

Gary and Addell break down the major plot points of Episode 9, ‘Into the Forest I Go.’

Picking up from the previous episode, the Klingon Kol is en route to the planet Pahvo intent on killing anyone he finds. Admiral Terral orders the Discovery to retreat to the nearest star base. Captain Lorca seems to comply with the order while attempting to figure out another way to identify the cloaked ship.

The crew of the Discovery devises a plan to place two sensors on the Sarcophagus that will allow them to map the cloaking grid. Tyler and Burnham serve as the away team to set the sensors at the helm and stern of the Sarcophagus. Using the spore drive, Stamets must initiate 133 jumps in rapid succession to allow the data collection necessary for this task. The mission is successful: The Pahvans are saved; Admiral Cornwell rescued; L’Rell taken prisoner; and the Sarcophagus destroyed. Collected data provides the Federation the information needed for them to detect cloaked shops and turn the tide of the war with the Klingon. Lorca learns he will be awarded the Legion of Honor.

With a few notable exceptions, all seems well with the crew when Stamets agrees to initiate one last jump to get Discovery safely to a starport. However, the jump goes terribly wrong and the crew finds they are unable to identify where they have landed.

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