S1 Ep. 14: ‘The War Without, The War Within’

In the penultimate episode of the season, The U.S.S. Discovery returns to the Prime Universe nine months from the time they unexpectedly jumped to the Mirror universe. They find things are not as they were when they left. Gary and Addell discuss the main plot points and how this might play into the last episode of the season.

The crew of Discovery is forcibly boarded by Federation officers and officials, including Admiral Katrina Cornwell and Ambassador Sarek. The Discovery crew learn the Klingons are winning the war having destroyed over 1/3 of the Federation fleet and taken over 20% of Federation territory. The Discovery’s Mirror counterparts, the I.S.S. Discovery was destroyed by The Klingons soon after it appeared in the prime universe. The Klingons are not united. Instead, Klingon houses are wantonly destroying Federation efforts to demonstrate dominance among the other Klingon dynasties. L’Rell advises Cornwell, now that the Klingons have tasted their blood, they will not stop the destruction until the Federation and its people are annihilated.

Michael Burnham turns to Mirror Georgiou for advice, since the former Terran Emperor has had success against the Klingons in her world. Burnham subsequently reveals Mirror Georgiou’s presence and identity to Sarek and Admiral Cornwell. Desperate to find a way to save the Federation, with Sarek’s knowledge Cornwell places Mirror Georgiou in command of the Discovery under the ruse that she is actually the former Captain of the Shenzhou. Cornwell claimed Georgiou had been presumed dead but actually had been held by the Klingons and was recently rescued in a covert operation. Georgiou is now charged with leading a mission to – Kronos (Q’onoS) – the Klingon homeworld – where they are to gather intel to destroy key military assets to decisively turn the tide of the war to the Federation’s favor.

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