Top 10 Moments from ‘Star Trek: Discovery,’ Season One

Well, Star Trek: Discovery Season Two is about to start. To fill the time over the next few days, Addell and I thought we would re-examine the maiden voyage of the U.S.S. Discovery. Specifically, we went back through the fifteen episodes to look for the moments that we thought had the greatest impact on the story of the first season. 

This is a list of our Top Ten Moments from Season One. But we don’t want to end the conversation with what we think. Don’t be shy. Tell me what you think. What are some of your thoughts?

We go into greater depth about our lists on the latest episode of our podcast. You can hear it by clicking here.

Addell’s List

10 – L’Rell, a former disciple of Klingon Leader T’Kuvma, becomes the leader of the Klingon Empire.

9 – A war weary Federation Command, allows Mirror Phillipa Georgiou to assume the identity of the Federation’s Captain Georgiou and lead a plan to subdue the Klingons.

8 – After Mirror Lorca is killed, Michael Burnham takes Mirror Phillipa Georgiou against her will back to the USS Discovery.

7 – Captain Gabriel Lorca alters coordinates of a space jump, which places Discovery in the Mirror Universe.

6 – Lt. Ash Tyler’s killing of Dr. Hugh Culber, definitively reveals his submerged identity as Voq, a disciple of Klingon Leader T’Kuvma.

5 – Upon escaping an agony chamber in the Mirror Universe, Captain Gabriel Lorca reveals himself as actually a rogue officer of the Terran Empire.

4 – Captain Gabriel Lorca of the USS Discovery provides convicted mutineer Michael Burnham with a position on the ship.

3 – Michael Burnham slays Klingon leader T’Kuvma in retaliation his killing of Captain Phillipa Georgiou.

2 – Lt. Paul Stamets physically connects to the spore drive as the navigator to make possible extraordinary interstellar travel for the USS Discovery.

1 – Michael Burnham is charged as a mutineer and sentenced to life imprisonment for taking charge of the Shenzhou. She’s also unjustly blamed for the initiation of the Federation/Klingon War.

Honorable Mentions

Lt. Ash Tyler and Ensign Sylvia Tilly help Michael Burnham more fully realize her potential as a human being.

Saru learns how to live with his fear and take on the attributes of a courageous, resourceful and compassionate Starfleet Captain.

Michael Burnham learns she had not failed to meet the expectations of her foster Vulcan father, Sarek, by not being accepted for studies at the Vulcan Science Academy. It’s revealed that when given a strict choice between his son, Spock or Michael, Sarek chose Spock as a candidate for the Academy. Although ironically, when later offered the appointment, Spock refuses to accept it.

Gary’s List

10 – Dr. Culber helps Stamets escape his mycelial coma.

9 – Emperor Georgiou kills all but one of advisors.

8 – Emperor Georgiou assumes the identity of Captain Philippa Georgiou.

7 – Saru seduced by being free of constant fear on Pahvo.

6 – The reveal that Captain Gabriel Lorca was from the Mirror Universe.

5 – Lt. Commander Stamets executes 133 spore jumps.

4 – Dr. Culber’s discovery of the physical and mental alterations to Ash Tyler.

3 – Michael Burnham grabs Emperor Georgiou as she’s beamed to Discovery.

2 – T’Kuvma kills Georgiou/Burnham kills T’Kuvma.

1 – Michael Burnham’s act of mutiny endangers the crew of the Shenzhou.

Honorable Mentions (in no particular order)

Tyler/Voq kills Dr. Culber. – This showed us how the depth to which the Voq personality had overwhelmed Ash.

Tyler/Voq attacks his Mirror Universe counterpart. – He was attacking Mirror Voq because he had built a rebel force by collaborating with Andorians, Tellarites, and Vulcans; species Prime Klingons considered inferior.

Lorca allows Conrwell to be captured, refusing to attempt a rescue mission. – This act, while not giving us conclusive evidence of Lorca’s identity, it did reveal the depths to which he would go in order to stay in command of The Discovery.

Burnham and Tyler kiss for the first time. – Although it happened in an alternate timeline and was not repeated, it forshadowed their feelings for one another.

Stamets becomes the navigator for the spore drive. – Choosing to submit himself to physical and mental trauma of navigating The Discovery through the mycelial network saved lives and his life’s work, if only for a little while.

Saru assumes command and inspires the crew to escape the Mirror Universe. – The confidence and assuredness that Saru displays at the end of Season One is remarkable in comparison to the way he was at the beginning of the season. It is the most obvious example of the change he has undergone.

Burnham is reinstated into Starfleet. – As huge a change Saru goes through, Michael Burnham’s character arc is even greater. She goes from rising star in Starfleet to mutineer to pariah and finally saver of the universe all in one season.

So now it’s your turn. What are some of your top 10 moments from Season One. Only a few days before Season Two starts! I cannot wait! #LLAP

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