FIRST LOOK – Photos from S2 Episode 1: ‘Brother’

In the Season Two premiere of Star Trek: Discovery, ‘Brother,’ the episode opens on the exact same moment that ended Season One, with the U.S.S. Enterprise appearing in space directly in the path of the U.S.S. Discovery as they were heading to Vulcan to pick up a new captain.  Instead, that mission is interupted by Captain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount), the famous second captain to helm the NCC-1701. The appearance of seven red ominous bursts have suddenly appeared in space. Their appearance has caused several odd events, including malfunctioning of The Enterprise’s systems. Pike’s sudden appearance is mission-driven. His charge? To take command of the USS Discovery and investigate the mysterious anomoly. Season Two takes off from there on a truly rollercoaster ride of an adventure. Buckle in! It’s going to be bumpy! #LLAP


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