‘The Red Angel’ – S2 Episode 10

An opening sequence depicting Airium’s funeral was a tender tribute to a character we got to know way too late. The leadership team recovers a file from Airium’s databanks labeled, Project Daedulus that contains traces of a bio-neural signature from the Red Angel that closely matches Michael. That revelation and a physical examination by Culber leads to the Leadership Team concluding Michael will somehow become the Red Angel. The team tasks itself with trying to learn where it will next appear so they can find out the information needed to save from sentient life. 

Spock theorizes the Red Angel is protecting its future self by ensuring the well-being of Michael in their timeline. Bringing this theory to the rest of the Leadership Team, they devise a plan to trap the Red Angel using Michael as bait. Discovery and the Section 31 ship travel to Essof IV, where the atmosphere is toxic to oxygen breathing persons. On the planet, Georgiou, Spock and a team of scientists and medical personnel join Michael to carryout their plan. Spock straps Michael onto a chair in a room where the planet’s lethal gases will be allowed to enter. Within two minutes of exposure, Michael will painfully suffocate and die if there is no intervention. The crew hopes this will attract the Red Angel, who will seek to save Michael’s life. Once the Red Angel arrives, they will trap it and immediately close the temporal portal it uses so the technologically advanced AI program cannot follow, as it has in the past. 

Initially, it appears the plan will fail. While there is no sign of the arrival of the Red Angel, all watch in distress for their fellow crew member who is painfully dying before their eyes. Just when it appears to be a futile exercise, the Red Angel appears and resuscitates Michael. As it does so, the crew members trap it with a forcefield and closes the temporal portal. Exhausted, the Red Angel falls out of its environmental suit and leading to the surprising reveal that the Red Angel is not a future version of Michael, but is actually her presumed dead, mother.

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