S1 Episode 6: ‘Lethe’

Gary and Addell discuss Episode Six, ‘Lethe.’

Sarek and a Vulcan assistant embark on a secret mission to meet with Klingons representing two Houses that have recently broken away from Kol. The effort is intended to initiate a peace settlement with the Federation. However, Sarek’s travelling companion turns out to be a Vulcan logic extremist committed to sabotaging the mission and killing Sarek. A force field saves his life but he is severely wounded and rendered unconscious. On the Discovery Michael feels Sarek’s distress through the Katra-connection they share. Lorca gives her permission to try to save him with the assistance of Cadet Sylvia Tilly and Lt. Tyler Ash. Unexpectedly, Michael learns a long-held secret about herself and Sarek. A secret that could rewrite their entire relationship.

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