Photos from S2 Episode 2: ‘New Eden’

Episode Two of Star Trek: Discovery, ‘New Eden,’ opens up on the tail end of last week’s episode with Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) debriefing Captain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount) by playing the files she found in Spock’s quarters. These files reveal Spock’s obsession with uncovering the meaning behind the seven red bursts. Burnham suggests that to fulfill their mission they need to go after Spock in order to learn what he knows. Pike informs her that he knows where Spock is. He has been in the psychiartic ward on Starbase 5 since a week after he requested leave. This was kept from Burnham, Sarek and Amanda at the request of Spock, adding more evidence to the obvious division that exists between Spock and his family.

Discovery picks up evidence of another red burst, pinpointing its existence 150 light years away in the Beta quadrant. Employing Stamets and the spore drive, they jump to a Class M planet with 11,000 humans who appear to be the descendants of Earthlings from 2053. How they got there is just one of the mysteries the crew of the Discovery seek to answer. #LLAP

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